Henry Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Manufacturer: Numatic

Code: Z00254

Model: HVR-240


The world-famous Numatic Henry has gone professional! The Henry Professional or HVR 240 is the commercial version of the HVR 200. Inside Henry's head is an A rated 620W motor that produces 2300mm H2O of suction. Sitting on top of the machine is a rewind system that allows users to quickly and easily wind in the power cable when the machine is not in use - the same one as on the standard Henry so where does the HVR 240 differ from the HVR 200? The Henry Professional has two very important differences to the standard machine. The first is the shape of the drum - the HVR 240 has a furniture guard around the bottom of the machine which is designed to prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting stuck on furniture, door frames and other fixtures and fittings around the home or office. It also has the switches around the front of the machine rather than at the back, handy as you use the machine from the front.

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