Sitepod 1.50m Podium Step

Sitepod 1.50M Podium Step

Manufacturer: Sitepod

Code: Z00160


The all-new 'Sitepod' podium steps comply fully with the latest 'Work at heights regulations' recently introduced by the HSE, and are tested, certified and kitemarked to the latest BS8620 standard offering a safe, stable and versatile alternative to working from stepladders. This model offers 4 platform heights of 1.0m (working height - 3.0m), 1.25m (working height - 3.25m), 1.50m (working height - 3.50m) & 2.00m (working height - 4.0m) within the one unit, giving a possible working height in excess of 3.25m. The working platform is surrounded on all 4 sides by a 1000mm (39in) guardrail and is accessed through sprung saloon-door type locking gates, ensuring optimum protection for the user and totally eliminating the possibility of falls while working. The substantial platform unit is 600mm x 600mm and features an anti-slip surface. The platform can be positioned at either of two levels and the sitepod will pass through a standard doorway without the need to dismantle it. Two 125mm (5in) castors at the rear swivel through 360 degrees and lock instantly by means of foot brakes to lock the Sitepod in position before use, whilst fixed, anti-surf rubber feet at the front prohibit the user from moving the unit whilst stood on the platform ( you must lift the front legs off the ground to move it ) ... an added safety feature complying with the latest regulations, and the whole unit folds flat in seconds for easy transportation in vans or on a roof rack. Access onto the working platform is through a pair of sprung saloon-type gates which close automatically behind the user ensuring accidental falls from the platform are totally eliminated.

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